We  convene monthly meetings that are far from just business!  We enjoy a social session before the business meting, including, of course, fantastic goodies made by host/hostess members.  We then enjoy a speaker who'll address a topic of interest to gardeners in a most entertaining fashion. 

On March 10, Cherry Brook Garden Club will welcome Gregory Bugbee for a program that will begin at 11 a.m. in the Community Room at the Canton Library. Gregory Bugbee is a scientist at The CT. Agricultural Experiment Station.  He will talk on container gardening indoors and out.  He experiments with composts for his pots using many different media.  He will discuss the different strategies of growing plants in the ground to growing them in pots.  He will tell us how to choose the right potting soil and pots, select the proper plants, fertilizing and watering, and starting plants from seeds and cuttings. 


Renee Marsh from A Simpler Place is a garden designer, a horticulturist (in her words a plant nut) and a

flower farmer.  She is an Advanced Master Gardener, she volunteers, and she teaches.  Her talk on

Garden Thugs to Love will explore the world of beneficial insects and show how to enlist the aid of

“good bugs” to battle pests without the need for nasty chemicals.  She will also discuss how to rein in

the bad bugs. The program begins at 11 a.m. in the Community Room at the Canton Library. 


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Honey bees

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