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Our club has installed and currently maintains several gardens throughout the Canton community. 

We received grant funding from the Canton Greater Together Community Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving on June 1, 2022, to install a native plant garden and additional pathway at the Bicentennial Park in Collinsville.  Members currently maintain the garden.

In 2009, club member Evelyn M. Betz designed and installed a native plant garden at the front of the Canton Library.  In 2016, club members Karen Berger and Anne Duncan designed a pollinator garden at the back of the library/community center and purchased new plants and shrubs with club funding.  Club members removed old plant material and installed new plants and shrubs. Members continue to maintain garden beds around the library and community center.

In 2012, new plants and shrubs were installed around the bandstand and flagpole.  Members maintain the garden beds around the bandstand, flag pole, and the town entrance sign.  Seasonal plants are added to the flower boxes at the bandstand.

Our club purchased four plant containers located along the Farmington River Trail in Collinsville.  We install and maintain the plants in the containers on a seasonal basis. 

ADOPT-A-MILE VOLUNTEER - We assist the Farmington River Trail by keeping the trail free of unsightly litter.  Our section of the trail begins at the Collinsville Pollen Trail and ends at the Canton Flower Bridge.


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